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Folwell Hall – University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN

Campus Sentinal

Students at the University of Minnesota study in a collection of architectural landmarks that stand as a dynamic catalogue of design eras. As steward of these significant buildings, the University relies on preservation architects to help maintain and update building structures, systems, and materials, with an eye to preserving historic integrity while also ensuring safety, accessibility, and efficiency. In 1999, the Minnesota State Designers Selection Board chose Miller Dunwiddie to guide Folwell Hall into its second century.

The 1907 English Renaissance Revival building, designed by Clarence Johnson Sr., is one of the Minneapolis campus’s landmarks. We’ve restored Johnson and it’s a pleasure to work within his grand visions. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places. We attended to the exterior first, restoring the masonry facades, which contain over 6,000 pieces of terra cotta trim. A new tile roof was installed and 11 chimneys were rebuilt. Inside, we updated mechanicals, modernized classrooms, added modern telecommunications infrastructure, and installed energy efficient windows that follow preservation guidelines. We refreshed the original wooden doors and frames, fireplaces, decorative stair rails, and marble first floor. These rich details spark wonder and encapsulate Minnesota’s long-held regard for higher education.