The Miller Dunwiddie Team

Miller Dunwiddie is an employee-owned company, organized under an “employee stock ownership plan” (ESOP) established in 2016.  Through strategic hiring, participation in professional associations, and support of internal events and initiatives focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion, Miller Dunwiddie continues to strive for a workplace and a profession that mirrors the communities we live in and serve.

Alicia Skow
Alicia Skow AIA, LEED AP Architect

Alicia is a Senior Architect with experience in planning, leading, managing, and delivering a wide variety of project types from education to transportation. She is well versed in wayfinding design and brings her breadth of knowledge on the subject especially to Miller Dunwiddie’s aviation projects.

Brent Visser
Brent Visser LEED AP Architect

Brent is a Project Manager with a diverse range of project experience including commercial, educational, transportation, retail, restaurant, industrial warehouse spaces and worship.

Having been a key member of very complex large projects over the years, Brent’s keen eye for detail and constructibility often puts him in charge of quality control during construction documents phases.

Cole Strombeck
Cole Strombeck Assoc. AIA Designer

Cole is an Architectural Designer with Miller Dunwiddie and started with the firm in the Fall of 2015. His skills in design visualization with multiple media styles is integral to his work. He is involved in all phases of his projects, and gives great attention to design and collaboration. Cole is also an avid outdoorsman and cyclist.

Daniel Green
Daniel Green AIA, LEED AP Architect

Daniel is Principal with Miller Dunwiddie and is a recognized designer with the ability to facilitate and integrate public groups, neighbors, and owners in problem-solving and design solutions. Daniel’s designs have focused on solving current needs while anticipating the requirements of future generations and the new ways in which they will learn, play, work, and form communities.

A sketching and watercolor enthusiast, Daniel has participated in the global nonprofit Urban Sketchers for many years, traveling around the world with fellow international sketchers.

David Klein
David Klein Controller

Dave is Miller Dunwiddie’s Accountant and Controller with over 25 years of financial experience and a knack for numbers and detail. His primary responsibilities include project billing, payables and receivables, bank and employee expense reconciliations, employee time records.

David McWilliams
David McWilliams AIA, LEED AP Architect

David is a Project Manager with extensive experience in aviation projects notably at the MSP International Airport. He has led multiple complex, small and large teams in completing multi-phased projects throughout his time at Miller Dunwiddie.

His time outside of the office is spent gardening, woodworking, and developing sustainable design concepts that connect architecture and ecological systems.

Deborah Yang
Deborah Yang Designer

Debb’s skills in design visualization with multiple media styles is integral to her work. Her project experience ranges from transportation to faith based projects. She has an active role in the production of construction documents, design documentation, field work and assessments, technical CAD and BIM graphics.

She is driven by the collaborative process in design, and finding efficiencies in the workflow of each project. Debb also supports the marketing efforts in the office.

Denita Lemmon
Denita Lemmon AIA, NCARB, LEED AP Architect

Denita is Principal Architect at Miller Dunwiddie. She specializes in historic preservation, with an emphasis on adaptive reuse and rehabilitation. She has a passion for projects that incorporate existing historic buildings to build on the strength and beauty of the past to create a better and more grounded future.

Her work blends her understanding of the practice of preservation with the practical need to change to allow elements of our past to be revitalized and retained for generations to come.

Dione DeMartelaere
Dione DeMartelaere AIA, NCARB Architect

Dione is a Project Manager whose work has provided her experience in extensive remodeling projects, leading large capital expenditure and acquisition projects. She has managed complex multi-phased projects with numerous user and owners groups ranging from higher education to aviation designs.

Dione leads the office’s participation in the AIA 2030 Commitment in support of the 2030 Challenge for sustainability, and also plays an active role on Miller Dunwiddie’s EDI committee.

Eric Belo
Eric Belo BIM Manager

Eric Belo is a Designer with experience in a variety of Architectural fields and positions. He is Miller Dunwiddie’s Lead BIM Manager, and contributes his extensive knowledge of the platforms and great attention to detail to the graphical standards of the office by providing all teams with BIM support, project startup templates, developing and maintaining library content.

Eric Hastings
Eric Hastings Designer

Eric is a Designer with experience in preservation and higher education projects. He actively supports the preparation of construction documents and construction administration.

Erik Sundbo
Erik Sundbo Assoc. AIA Designer

Erik is a Designer and job captain on many aviation projects varying from short-term remodels to additions and renovations. He is involved in all phases of the project and collaborates with a multitude of consultants, leading the production of construction documents.

Gregory Hulne
Gregory Hulne AIA, LEED AP, CID Architect

Greg is a Principal Architect with extensive experience and expertise in design, planning and project management of aviation facilities. His problem-solving experience combines programmatic, aesthetic, technical, and sustainable principles to provide integrated design solutions. As Head of Business Development, his project management extends to the marketing and growth of the office.

Hannah Biros
Hannah Biros Assoc. AIA Designer

Hannah was first drawn to architecture during her childhood that was full of designing and making.  She enjoys using the creative and critical thinking architecture requires. The influence architecture can have on people and places pushes her to improve her skills and knowledge as a designer.

Jean Turck
Jean Turck AIA, NCARB Architect

Jean is an Architect with a wide range of experience including faith based projects and masterplanning. She leads her projects with aesthetic flair, and skillfully translates client and consultant ideas into detailed, complete documents.

Jeffrey Kanne
Jeffrey Kanne AIA, LEED AP Architect

Jeff is an Architect with experience working on civic projects as well as transportation. He works closely with team members from the early stages onward to establish the project’s parameters and scope.

Jennifer Nowacki
Jennifer Nowacki AIA, NCARB Architect

Jennifer is an Architect who has been involved with a wide variety of projects from predesign through construction administration with both new and existing buildings. She comes from a family where she is the 4th generation (at least) to have a career in the construction industry, and proudly, the first woman.

Joel Stromgren
Joel Stromgren AIA, LEED AP, NCARB Architect

Joel is a Principal Architect with over 30 years of experience on a wide range of facilities, notably airports in various locations in Minnesota as well as out of state.

Joel brings a passion to solving complex architectural problems, such as high-performance envelopes and complex, multi-phased construction projects. He enjoys the challenge of each project and finding solutions for the diverse constraints of each whether they are related to context, budget or schedule.

John Steingraeber
John Steingraeber AIA, CDT Architect

John is an Architect with a passion for problem solving and design. On all his work, he offers a sensitivity for consistent and clear details. Prior to architecture, John was an Instructor for Outward Bound and a cabinetmaker specializing in custom furniture and millwork.

Kathryn Brady
Kathryn Brady Marketing Manager

Kathy is the Marketing Manager and has more that 20 years of experience in the A/E/C industry. Her role at the firm spans both internal and external communications including marketing responsibilities, award submissions, press releases, proposals and interview presentations, and maintaining a consistent brand image and messaging for the firm.

Kathryn Hunsley
Kathryn Hunsley CID, IIDA Interior Designer

Katie is a Principal Interior Designer who has worked seamlessly with the architects and engineers to create spaces that embrace a client’s culture. Collaboration with her clients is at the core of her passion for interior design. She guides them through the entire design process, including materials and finish selections and furniture specifications and installation.

She leads the firm’s Interior Design group and oversees all interiors projects.

Kayla Reed
Kayla Reed LEED Green Assoc. Designer

Kayla is a Designer pursuing her degree in the Master’s program at the U of MN. She assists the design team in varied stages of the project. She is passionate about biophilic design and sustainable practices.

Kayla stays active by playing on intramural hockey and volleyball teams.

Kelly Mastin
Kelly Mastin AIA, LEED AP Architect

Kelly is a Project Manager who specializes in historic preservation and faith-based projects. She is well versed in the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and has led many projects through Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission review.

Her passion for preservation extends beyond the office as well, as she serves on the Board of Directors for Preserve Minneapolis and volunteers as co-chair of their Development Committee.

Kermit Duncan
Kermit Duncan AIA, FCSI, CCCA Architect

Kermit is an Architect providing Construction Services on a wide range of projects. He is a member and past-president of the North Central Region of CSI, a founding member of AIA Minnesota’s Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and active supporter of the Twin Cities-based ACE (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering) Mentorship Program.

Kermit has been well recognized for his volunteerism and community service. To relax, he enjoys family trips, bicycling, and planning for the next fishing or hunting outing.

Laura Stene
Laura Stene Assoc. AIA Designer

Laura is a Designer whose curiosity and outgoing nature makes her a great addition to any team. Her experience includes governmental, higher learning, and preservation projects. She collaborated with her team to produce construction documents and has also been involved in construction administration.

Lauren Fleming
Lauren Fleming AIA Architect

Lauren is an Architect with experience in large scale complex projects, notably at the MSP International Airport. With great organizational effectiveness, she leads the architectural development of the project overseeing constructibility and the production of construction documents.

Lauren actively collaborated with consulting disciplines to reach the design and technical goals of each project she’s involved in.

Marc Headrick
Marc Headrick AIA Architect

Marc is an Architect who is involved in all aspects of the project from planning and the preparation of construction documents to construction administration. His experience ranges from faith based projects to large-scale transportation projects.

Marc is also an avid artist and volunteers his time and talent in his neighborhood and community.

Megan Miller
Megan Miller CID, WELL AP Interior Designer

Megan is an Interior Designer with experience that ranges from transportation to workplace projects. She has an active role in the collaboration with other disciplines and the production of construction documents, design documentation, interior design visualization, field work and assessments.

Megan supports interior design goals utilizing her understanding of WELL Building Standards, an emerging performance-based system that enhances human health and well-being through design strategies within several categories including air, water, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind and community.

Melissa Christenson Ekman
Melissa Christenson Ekman AIA Architect

Melissa is a Project Manager and Preservation Specialist who exemplifies her profession through her expertise, leadership and dedication to the preservation of historic sites. She was recognized for this commitment by the Minnesota AIA Awards Committee and presented with a Young Architect’s Award in 2015.

She has acquired the technical expertise gained through working on more than one hundred historic preservation projects as well as her Historic Preservation Certificate from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Monica Hartberg
Monica Hartberg AIA, LEED AP, NCARB President

Monica is the President of Miller Dunwiddie. Throughout her career, she’s led many large scale projects and is dedicated to integrated thinking and collaboration to realize client aspirations and goals. She enjoys working with clients to discover the unique needs of their operations and finding solutions for the built environment to support them.Her design leadership is strengthened by her ability as a keen listener, and she profoundly believes that connecting with people is key to the success of any project.

Paul May
Paul May AIA, LEED AP Architect

Paul is an Principal with extensive experience in architectural design and planning. Paul has developed a special expertise in programming, planning, and design of faith based and educational facilities. He has been recognized for his ability to facilitate community engagement for diverse groups of people, and is a frequent speaker on the participatory design process.

A teacher at heart, Paul has been involved in architecture mentoring programs for many years since he became a professional.

Paul Schroedl
Paul Schroedl Architect

Paul is a Project Manager and Architect whose broad experience includes managing projects for public and institutional clients. He gives great insight into constructibility on a variety of facilities, always engaging his team to investigate the challenges and to learn from the solutions.

Philip Hess
Philip Hess Designer

Philip is a Designer with experience in education and aviation projects. He has captained smaller scale projects bringing the design from kickoff to completion of construction documents.

Phillip Koski
Phillip Koski Architect

Phillip is and Architect and Lead Designer with a portfolio of projects that includes a range of workplace, interior architecture, transportation, and adaptive re-use projects.

A perpetual neighborhood volunteer, he is passionately advocates for community based design, and writes frequently on architecture and the public realm for the Star Tribune, Architecture Minnesota, and local and national journals, periodicals, and blogs.

Rachael Springman
Rachael Springman Interior Designer

Rachael is an Interior Designer whose project experience ranges from transportation to faith based projects. She has an active role in the production of construction documents, design documentation, interior design visualization, field work and assessments.

On large or small teams, she enjoys the collaborative design process and communication with consulting disciplines.

Tom Hoffoss
Tom Hoffoss Construction Manager

Tom is a greatly valued team member whose experience in the construction industry is paramount to Miller Dunwiddie’s team. Leading in the Construction Services Miller Dunwiddie provides, he is involved on a variety of projects as cost estimator, quality control, and constructibility reviewer.

Throughout his career, Tom has worn many hats such as being an Owner’s Representative with the University of Minnesota and working for 20 years in the United States Navy Seabees.

Windy Fleischaker
Windy Fleischaker Assoc. AIA Designer

Windy is a Designer with an earlier career as a set designer and scenic artist. This previous experience in theater and film has provided her with a technical understanding of the performing art that she brings to her practice at Miller Dunwiddie. Her skills in visualizing and rendering aspects of the project’s design make her an essential part of the team.

She has a passion for sustainability and community-oriented design.

Wing Kong
Wing Kong PE Civil Engineer

Wing is a Civil Engineer and Project Manager with specialization in building envelope evaluation, investigations, and design. His expertise in forensic investigation of moisture distress in building envelopes, masonry preservation and restoration, plaza and underground building waterproofing systems is remarkable.

Wing’s detailed investigative reports provide findings and recommendations for remedial actions. Teaming with preservation architects and designers in the office, Wing leads the effort for all projects related to Building Sciences.

Zachary Flann
Zachary Flann AIA, LEED AP Architect

Zach is an Architect with an extensive body of work in the transportation sector including work at the MSP international airport, as well as Metro Transit light rail station design. Zach’s problem-solving style is thorough as he plays an active role in all his projects from initial concept through construction.

Zach has volunteered his time and expertise by being involved in the White Bear Township Planning Commission.