Doing it right makes it last

We advance and celebrate the idea that society should work towards creating more things that will have a lasting presence and relevance over generations.  To steer us toward this goal we rely on sound judgement based on decades of past experience just as we empower our owner-employees to embed their work with the passion and design mastery that impelled them to be designers in the first place.

Miller Dunwiddie process

Architectural Design

Architecture is a union of the science of building and the art of shaping human experiences. Good design results in buildings that are both practical and inspirational; economical and beautiful. Because the buildings we design will last for generations, we have an obligation to ensure they have a positive relevance for their inhabitants today and long into the future.

From site selection through design, construction, and post-occupancy evaluation, Miller Dunwiddie provides complete architecture and planning services for a wide range of clients. Just as every building project is unique, so are the ways we approach each project. Your schedule, your budget and your values will determine how we organize the design process.

Historic Preservation

A pioneer in the discipline of historic preservation, Miller Dunwiddie has been helping protect and revive hundreds of significant historical resources since 1970. From repairing siding on a landmark farmhouse to drafting historic district guidelines for a college campus, our experience with a broad range of preservation projects gives us the ability to tailor fit our services to your unique situation.

Our dedicated preservation staff meet the National Park Service’s Professional Standards and either have or are currently serving on preservation commissions, advisory boards, and advocacy groups, giving us first-hand contact with the people and processes governing preservation project approvals and implementation. And when it comes to the complicated, arcane world of funding preservation projects, we regularly provide advice and assistance for obtaining historic tax credits, façade easements, grant-in-aid, and other financial incentives for historic buildings.

Interior Design

A well designed space has the power to energize and focus the body and the mind. Of the many aspects of interior design, we are driven by how the smallest details fit in the big picture. We believe in enhancing the quality of life through good design, and value the personal lens through which individuals experience their space and environment. We become partners and guides through that experience and look for ways to elevate it.

We use visualizing tools to illustrate and explore the varied spaces and projects types in the office. Our interior designers play an integral part of the design team.

Miller Dunwiddie process

Building Science

A building’s envelope is the first line of defense against the weather. Ensuring that it is properly designed, constructed, repaired, and maintained can alleviate future problems.

Our building science group consists of industry veterans with architectural and engineering backgrounds specializing in roofing, exterior wall assemblies, window and curtain wall replacement, waterproofing, masonry design and rehabilitation, and building forensics. In addition to leveraging their own expertise, our building envelope professionals maintain their relationships with local contractors and suppliers helping us track industry trends and costs.

Sustainability & Resiliency

Managing the threat of human-caused climate change to our environment and civilization has been broadly recognized as the leading challenge facing architects in the 21st century. Over the last two decades Miller Dunwiddie has strived to integrate sustainable and high-performance building practices into the design and delivery of all its projects. Because the situation around every building project is different, our design teams work with our clients to identify the unique opportunities for site ecology, sustainable materials, water and energy efficiency, and occupant wellness at the start and throughout every phase of the design process.

Our conviction that designing sustainably permeates the firm’s culture. Miller Dunwiddie maintains an office wide USGBC membership and our staff is experienced in Minnesota’s B3 Sustainability Guidelines and LEED Certification. Many of our employees are LEED and WELL Accredited Professionals. Additionally, Miller Dunwiddie empowers employee-owners to add to their sustainability toolkit by engaging in regular office Net Zero Focus Group lunch discussions, participating in the firm’s Sustainability Committee, and utilizing the company’s scholarship fund to pursue individual education or training.