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Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Building – Envelope Forensics

St. Paul, MN

Climate Resilience

As the Upper Midwest experiences the effects of a changing climate, many buildings from earlier eras are exhibiting stress from temperature extremes and frequent heavy rainfall events. Modern products, technologies, and design strategies help Miller Dunwiddie create climate-resilient structures that will protect resources well into the future. We apply those same concepts to renovations and remediation projects to help older structures weather the effects of climate and time.

The State of Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) building in St. Paul, built in 2004, experienced water leakage. We employed extensive testing to pinpoint the precise areas where water infiltration was occurring. Infrared thermography is one tool we used here to gain a greater understanding of small and potential leak points that visual inspections might not catch. This forensic investigation allowed us to create a strategic remediation plan that addressed leakage points in a skylight, windows, and curtain wall. The BCA contracted with Miller Dunwiddie to provide design and construction administration services to complete the necessary repairs. We are always excited to be a part of new design projects, but preserving the existing built environment with 21st century knowledge and resources is an increasingly important secondary role for our building science team.