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Fort Snelling at Bdote

St. Paul, MN

Meeting Place

Built at the place where the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers come together, Bdote Fort Snelling is one of Minnesota’s most complex historical sites. In partnership with tribal experts, archeologists, military organizations, the Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota Historical Society, and other local and national entities, Miller Dunwiddie has worked on numerous projects involving the structures at this National Historic Landmark since the early 1980s.

Among the broad range of preservation services provided, Miller Dunwiddie condition assessments, reuse analysis studies, and grants activities. Our hands-on work includes the restoration and rehabilitation of several buildings, including the Lower Post’s Commandant’s House and Officers Quarters, and the Upper Post’s Hospital Building and the Clock Tower Building, the site’s oldest building and centerpiece of the Upper Post. These projects have called for expertise with historical finishes, masonry, and roofing materials. Historical integrity and adherence to established guidelines is the first step in protecting and stabilizing these sensitive structures. We’re especially proud of our work to create affordable housing for veterans at the fort, one of many plans to restore Bdote Fort Snelling to a vital hub of activity.