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100 Washington Design Studio

Minneapolis, MN

Inspiration Point

A planned move provided our architects and designers with the rare opportunity to design Miller Dunwiddie’s own offices. We’ve observed the continuous evolution of workplace trends over time and helped many clients create inspiring work environments. This time, our team was excited to bring some of the ideas we’ve seen succeed for our clients into our home space.

We chose a modified open office design to provide an ideal mix of collaborative energy, focused workspace, and practical gathering spaces. Private conference rooms accommodate meetings and presentations. A café area situated away from the workstations gives people a place to engage with coworkers or enjoy a change of scenery. Workstations are massed near the exterior walls of the building (designed by Minoru Yamasaki) where floor to ceiling windows bring in daylight, downtown views, and the changing drama of weather. To offset that activity, a calm palette of dove white dominates most surfaces, with a few bursts of color from plant life, select furnishings, and a small gallery of locker doors customized with employee artwork.